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What is the Hands Up Project?


Lemon and mint


Live Your Life

Unity Play

Inner Thoughts

The Bullied

My Mother-in-Law Is a Trouble Maker


On this page I’ve uploaded some sample materials from the Stories Alive material that I wrote for British Council Occupied Palestinian Territories. I often use material like this in my online sessions. The complete book consists of 10 stories as well as comprehensive teachers notes. Each story has the following components.

  1. A powerpoint presentation of the pictures. This can be shown in class whilst telling the story if a projector is available. Or they can be printed, for sequencing or pre-listening vocabulary activities.
  2. A simple summary of the story. This can be used for sequencing, dictations, or reading aloud etc.
  3. A chant for pronunciation practice and for making language memorable.
  4. A Readers’ theatre script for performance by the students.






02.G colour copy

Hands up data protection form (Arabic)

Hands up data protection form (English)


Stories Alive – story based activities for young learners


3 thoughts on “Resources for teachers

  1. The stories are heart touching. These are full with emotion. I am stunned with the magic power of love, sacrufuce and real life feelings.


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