Our partners

Teaching and storytelling online requires teamwork and would be impossible without at least one person on the ground to manage and motivate the class, to translate where necessary and to deal with any issues with technology.

I am lucky to be working with two great organisations who make sure that everything runs smoothly from their end.

In Gaza I work with the Tamer institute for Community Education and in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan the sessions are coordinated by Relief International

The whole project would have not been possible at all without the support and guidance of British Council Occupied Palestinian Territories  , in providing me with previous teacher training and storytelling work in Palestine, and in commissioning the Stories Alive material.




2 thoughts on “Our partners

  1. I wish to support the Hands Up Project for Palestinian children in the West Bank, Gaza strip and Jordan. I have just organised a monthly donation of £10 + £2.50 as I am a UK tax payer. Please confirm that my donation will only be used to help Palestinian children. Many Palestinian children have no access to formal education whatsoever, due to the demolition of their schools in order to facilitate the expansion of Israeli settlements.
    Please confirm that my monthly direct debit will be used to help Palestinian children learn English and will not be used for any other purpose.
    Thank you. .

    Dee Geraghty (Ms)


    1. Thanks for your generous donation. Yes I can confirm that your monthly donation will be used in its entirety to support Palestinian children learning English.


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