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  1. Dear Nick
    It will be my pleasure to talk to you so that I can introduce my self and what I’m that we may cooperate for the same purpose you are working g on


  2. Hello, I’d like to make part of this wonderful project. Not only me, but my students as well. How can we become a member?


  3. Hi Nick, we met in Antalya at the CUP conference – I was working for Dunya/CUP at the time – now working at INO Schools in Istanbul as the drama teacher and currently putting together a project on digital storytelling, global citizenship and intercultural awareness with my 6/7 grades. Also, possibly going to have a storytelling conference at the school around April next year.
    Take care and great read about all the wonderful work you,re doing.


    1. Thanks for your comment Paul. How could I forget juggling with you on stage in Antalya πŸ™‚ Hope all is well with you. It sounds like what you’re doing could be very usefully linked up with what we’re doing. The conference sounds great too. Just don’t make your conference on the 6th April because that’s when the 2nd Hands Up Project conference will take place in London. Perhaps for 2020 we could do a combined event in Turkey?


  4. Hi Nick,

    It’s Rich in Jerusalem. Hopefully your trip is going well. Please let me know if you received my message re Swanbourne House School (UK) supporting your project.

    Best wishes,



  5. Heard Nick speak at the NATECLA conference last weekend. It was a really inspirational talk, the highlight of the conference. Made me want to get involved so I immediately emailed to ask for a place on the training course. I hope you’ve got my email, Nick, as I really am inspired to get involved.


  6. How can one become a volunteer or a member or anything I really love the project and I am from Palestine Gaza


  7. Hi.. I am a mom… And I have 3 daughters.. I wanna them to be good in English… Please help me how can I join. They are 6.. 9.and 10 years old


  8. Hello there,
    I would love to volunteer from home as ESOL teacher.
    Could you please send me some information to my e-mail.
    Thank you



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