Online sessions with very young learners

This week we have a post from, Dalya Saleh, a teacher of English at Mamonia Elementary co-ed “A” school, Gaza about her online sessions with very young learners.

dalya 4

I joined the hands up project two years ago when I first heard about it . Since then, I’ve really noticed the positive impact on the children’s performance and their attitude toward English language.

When I was told at the beginning of this year to start teaching students where all of them are aged between 6 and 7, I felt a bit worried and started to try to think of ways to engage them in a real enjoyable learning environment. The first thing that came to my mind was the online sessions with Nick. I sent him a message asking about the possibility and applicability of engaging such an early age of students in the project.

dalya 1

He enthusiastically supported the idea and connected me with Elena, a volunteer who expressed her readiness to join and lead the sessions. At the beginning, I was still dubious about the success of using these sessions with this group of very young leaners, but now after just two sessions I can say that I am having the most successful and enjoyable experience with the hands up project. Children sing with Elena, play memory games, describe pictures, draw and discuss different topics and more. They always tell me how much they wait for Mondays to enjoy English in the sessions. My students and I are very lucky to be members of the project and to experience this unique opportunity.

dalya 3




8 thoughts on “Online sessions with very young learners

  1. Well done Dalya I love the idea of young students engagement in such sessions because they will have the passion towards learning English for ever. I suggest to work with them and join the play writing competition; something simple and suitable for their age. Lucky for them to have a lovely teacher like you.


    1. Oh, I am so thankful for your supporting . The idea of the play writing competition seems appealing. Thanks for the suggestion . Best luck dear


  2. This is great Dalya and Elena! The Hands Up Project has been expanding ‘upwards’ (working with young adults in university conversation classes) and now expanding ‘downwards’ too with the work with younger learners that you’re doing. I’m sure that lots of other teachers would like to follow your model. So do you have any tips for other HUP volunteers around the world who would like to do something similar? What kind of things work well with this age group?


    1. Thank you so much Nick. Working with young learners is wonderful. One may think that it needs much effort and I can say that it surely needs, but the results are rewarding. It shifts largely the students’ attitude toward the language and the school as well ♡♡ Children love songs so much. They feel over the moon when they sing with each others and with their teacher and the volunteer. I also ask them to draw for example their dream job, their favorite food, animals,,and so one. After that they Express things orally which in return enhance their confidence and their oral skills in English. We tell stories together and play games and do competitions .

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