Make your own green screen story

A few weeks ago I was leading a training workshop for our volunteers around the world on green screen storytelling (You can read more about this here and find Zoom’s own guidelines about how to set it up here)

One of our long-term Hands Up Project volunteers, Sara Wood, a teacher of English based in Spain who was attending the session suggested giving the learners a set of pictures and asking them to create a green screen story using all of the images in any order they wanted to.

I love this idea so here are six pictures below all taken from ELT pics , a great website created by ELT teachers, where pictures can be downloaded for free for educational use. So, wherever you are in the world, and whether you’re a teacher, a student, a HUP volunteer, or Hans Christian Anderson himself, your task is to create and perform a story using all of these 6 images in any order you want to. If you have a plain green background, you could make a recording of you telling the story with these pictures behind you and send it to us at the Hands Up Project. If we get enough of them we could create a special youtube channel for these stories.

And since we’ve just launched the remote theatre competition for this year, and since one of the only real differences in the rules is that green screening is possible now, this activity might be a good warm up activity to get your creative juices flowing for the competition. Good luck everyone and I look forward to seeing your stories!







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