Feedback on the finalists

I’ve collated and condensed some of the many comments from the judges to create a short paragraph about all the winning plays. We very much look forward to awarding all of these plays their trophies, and to seeing their live performances in the West Bank over the next year.  Huge congratulations to you all!

A Stranger Within – Al Rimal Prep Girls School A

“An excellent ensemble play held together strongly by the central actress with passion and conviction, and very well supported by her fellow performers. A very original set and backdrop which is visually very stimulating.  Beautifully written and competently delivered rhyming lines, ending with a powerful message about our indomitable human spirit.”


Don’t Look Back – New Khan Younis Prep Girls School

“A very clever idea to use the screen as the magic mirror to enable powerful close up acting which connects very strongly to the audience. A beautifully produced, enchanting, original fairy tale with a very mature and real theme, conveying a deep and universal message from the human consciousness. Stunning work!”  


Hand in Hand – Abasan Prep Girls School

“Very nicely produced play exploring the dark and light sides of what it is to be human. Passionately acted and sung, and creatively set, the play challenges the idea of dwelling too much on the past, instead declaring that with hope, love and beauty in out hearts we can make a difference to the future.”


Hands Up – Al Aqsa Elementary School B

“Combining great comic acting and timing, with a deadly serious message about the need to stand up for the rights of  oppressed people around the world, this play is excellently produced with some great effects and background music. It makes us smile and cry at the same time, and the song at the end is beautifully and tenderly delivered.”  


Hope – Hajjah Girls Secondary School, Qalqilia

“A highly striking opening with the mother delivering her heart-felt lines right into the eye of the camera but through the bars limiting her freedom. This play shows a snapshot of daily life under occupation. It is very well acted by the entire cast and overcomes the challenges of filming outside extremely well.” 


I Can – Mae’n prep boys school

“A very moving take on how hope and effort can be stronger that the external limitations placed on our innermost dreams. The boys have created an excellent piece of remote theatre, turning the limitations of the fixed camera to their advantage, and delivering a vital but uplifting message through powerful physical theatre.” 


I Can Smell Her – Gaza Elementary Girls ‘B’ School  (More judges voted for this play than any other as their overall favourite. It will therefore be invited to the UK in April)

“Highly innovative and original production, combining shadow theatre with close up, very engaging acting. Extremely imaginative use of the space -especially the transition between the two worlds. This play explores the universal theme of losing a loved one in an unsentimental but deeply moving way and, above all, the incredible resilience of children”  


It’s Your Choice – Beach Prep Girls School C

“A classy story, cleverly combining clear narration, flowing natural English, ‘a play within a play’, and a refection on modern society (with the Cinderella shoes as a brilliant metaphor). It’s very well written and acted with a clear moral that is played out rather than preached to us. An extremely engaging and inspiring performance”


I Will Wait Until They Open The Gate – Beach Elem. Co-ed School (C)

“This hauntingly moving ensemble play symbolically portrays the frustrations, and also the determination and resilience, of children living with the consequences of the blockade. It’s supported by very strong yet simple, cyclical dialogue and excellent acting, and a great set and sound effects. Very well written and very well performed.”   


One World Different Stories – Al Rimal Prep Girls School B

“A tender rendition of yearning for humanitarian values in the face of oppression, this play explores the Palestinian experience but also our universal need as humans to connect and to be understood. It includes excellent close up camera work with playful and committed acting, enabling the audience to feel deeply immersed in the experience.”


Othman the Honest –  Khan Younis prep boys school

“A wonderful parable play with an unexpected twist at the end – clearly delivered and skilfully and sensitively performed by a group of boys. Visually very attractive, this play uses an excellent backdrop, costumes and props to tell a universally relevant story about the value of honesty.”


Success Story  – Japanese Girls School, Aqqaba

“This is a very well structured story, expertly delivered to span several generations, all in the space of five minutes. It was an inspired idea to have the diary entries come to life in front of the audience’s eyes. The English used is fluent and clear and the acting and setting are natural and believable. Great team effort with an uplifting ending.”


The Living Song –  Beit Hanoun Elm. Co-ed “D” School

“A heart warming portrayal of family life, this play provides a very original storyline performed by confident, well-composed actresses and an outstanding delivery by the daughter. The interaction flowed very smoothly and the scene changes and time changes were slickly and professionally managed. Great work!”


The Lord of Show – Tel- Al sultan Elementary school

“Good, clear, confident acting and an excellent connection to the audience in this interesting play about the value of team work. Performing in a circle worked very well – as did their close up camera work. The costumes and set and the overall theme of the play is quirky and highly engaging.” 


The Play of the Play – Al Fukhari Prep. Girls School

“A wonderfully creative and truly innovative play and performance – breaking through conventions of theatre and playing with the concept of remote theatre by making it about the competition itself. The actors were full of wit, charisma, energy and joy and the language was very clear and natural”


The Shadow Girl –  Asma Prep Girls B School

Intelligent, well balanced and professionally produced ensemble play about the dangers of social media addiction. It is beautifully choreographed, incorporating fine acting, enchanting singing, clear well-projected voices and a fantastic backdrop painted by one of the students. A very important message for the modern world.”


The Sky is your Limit – Al Madina Al Monawara Prep Girls

“Nicely produced play about the inner thoughts of children living under occupation with some exciting special effects using sound and lighting and some passionate acting. A great team effort where lots of work has clearly gone on behind the scenes in planning the performance and in creating the fantastic costumes.” 


The Story of a Homeland – Al Madina Al Munawara Girls School, Rafah

“A very creatively planned shadow theatre performance using confident narration and well-rehearsed physical acting to tell the story of Palestine. It was an ingenious idea to combine the shadows with projected images and music. The actors work really well together, becoming not only people of different ages, but also animals, trees and even buildings” 
















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  1. Dear Mr.Nick, I would like to thank you for this incredible, memorable moment in my life. The hands up project cam make the differance through those young girls dreams and future.Thanks again . Cant wait to see the smile on the girls faces .Sahar Siam مرسل من هاتف Samsung Galaxy الذكي.


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