In last year’s playwriting competition for Palestinian children we had several very inspiring entries which unfortunately were not eligible because they didn’t fulfil the entry requirements. This video made by sixteen year old, Yafa Slemiah from Hebron is a film of course, rather than a play, so it didn’t qualify, but it’s one of my favourite pieces of work made by young people in Palestine.

In June I had the pleasure of attending a huge event in Ramallah, in honour of Dr. Sabri Saidam, the Palestinian Minister of Education, supported by the British Council, and attended by around 800 MoE teachers of English. There were many brilliant performances by Palestinian young people at this event, but none more so than when Yafa came up and stood on the stage. The video was played on the huge screen with the sound turned down and Yafa stood in front of it with her back to the audience, saying the lines. The audience there were very moved and inspired, and I’m sharing this now because I hope that people all around the word will see this too. Thanks Yafa for making a very powerful film about life as a Palestinian girl in Hebron.

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