Performance in Language Learning

We are excited to inform you that Saturday the 14th April will be the Hands Up Project conference at Westminster University in Central London. As you’ll see below there is a fantastic line up of speakers and the climax will be a live performance by the winners of our playmaking competition – ‘Inner Thoughts’ from Khan Younis, Gaza.

Places are limited to 140 so reserve your place (and your Palestinian lunch!) as quickly as you can using the details below. If you have a UK bank account please arrange the payment by bank transfer rather than paypal as this will mean that the entire amount will go to support our work.


HandsUp Poster 2_2



2 thoughts on “Performance in Language Learning

  1. Hi Nick

    I’ve just made a payment so please confirm my registration at the conference on 14 April. It’s good timing to fit with iatefl – that’s definitely a deciding factor in my attending. I guess you’ll be at iatefl too?

    Looking forward to it.


    Author of Storytelling With Our Students

    David Heathfield’s Storytelling Channel



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