The Hands Up Project at IATEFL, Glasgow

Anyone who came to my talk about drama at IATEFL, Glasgow on Tuesday will have seen two groups of children performing two traditional Palestinian stories (Jbene and The farmer who followed his dream) live and remotely from the UNRWA field office in Gaza city.  The performances were excellent and the audience of over 150 people from around the world were very moved by the experience. Thank you girls for the amazing show you put on, thank you too for your teachers, Sahar Salha and Saida Madhoon for putting it all together so well, and thank you to the staff at the UNRWA field office in Gaza city for making all the arrangements for this to happen.

7 thoughts on “The Hands Up Project at IATEFL, Glasgow

  1. It’s our houner to be associated with you Mr.Nick. In fact, it was a lovely experience that cheers me and my students up. So great and kind you are.
    So, thank you again for all what you do. Hope you all the best.

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  2. Thank you so much for the support and encouragement. It means a lot to us as teachers and also to our students. It is not only about learning English, the Hands Up Project is giving students opportunities to Communicate with the world outside, in spite of their hard circumstances.
    I would say that the project is slowly changing the students’ negative feelings towards the world into nicer and brighter ones. They understand that someone, from the outside, cares and is aware of what’s happening around here in Gaza.

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  3. Brilliant – I get to see students in Gaza, in Glasgow, online in Barcelona. I’m really happy to be a small part of the Hands Up Project and to have met some lovely enthusiatic lads in Gaza and their fantastic teachers.

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  4. I was also there in Glasgow and saw first hand how much the live audience there enjoyed your performances. Well done all of you ! It is wonderful for us teachers when we see such enthusiastic students!

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