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I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had much time for blogging, but this week we’ve got something special – a guest post from Amal, an English teacher who works with teenagers at the UNRWA school in the Khan Younis refugee camp, Gaza. Last week we arranged a live link up between her students and a group of grade 12 students at a secondary school here in the UK. Here’s Amal’s post about what happened…..

For the last three years my colleagues and I have been working on a project that aims to explore different cultures, learning about different countries around the world and creating global citizens.

One of the best ways to achieve this was by bringing an international dimension to everything we do at school. Our students have been introduced to a global dimension in the school curriculum and in their lives, and the entire school has been  involved in a variety of activities.

Communicating across cultures is one of the challenges that we need to cope with as it gives students a real access to the world and shows them the fun side of learning English, history, geography…etc.

Last Monday Nick arranged an online session in which kids from Gaza and Britain interacted using a video tool called Zoom. Students from totally different backgrounds were engaged in spontaneous conversations about their cities, hobbies, holidays, music and hopes for the future. Furthermore, my students performed Dabke and, in return, students from the other side sang ‘Your Song’ by Elton John brilliantly.

At the end of the session, we had a mixture of emotions, thoughts and feelings. My students walked back home talking joyfully about their new experience with people from the outside. They were recalling some funny moments and sweet memories. I loved how they were trying to imitate the way that the British students were uttering words. They were happy, excited, full of hopes and bright colourful pictures.

A siege of ten years and three cruel wars couldn’t stop those students from interacting and showing the world what cool things they have.



13 thoughts on “Your song

  1. This made me cry, Nick! It’s so lovely to see the sheer joy of the students in Gaza at making contact with young people in the UK. And the enthusiasm of the UK students…


  2. That day was a wonderful day to us , because we were able to communicate with students like us from another country , such as Britain.


  3. I had lots of fun and I hope to meet them face to face here in Gaza or Britain to thank them for what they are doing for Palestinian people.


  4. This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and it was fantastic to get the chance to communicate across the globe and to reach out with our hearts and souls to those we cannot reach out to physically; my best wishes go to all of the people out there who were involved and who we spoke to. I hope we get the chance to do this again. You guys were great! A brilliantly descriptive and eloquent summary of the occasion by Amal, this clearly shows the passion she has for her work and her great proficiency as well. This has been a testament to the fact that there are no bridges which cannot be overcome together!


  5. I’m so happy to meet them. It was a nice day. I talked with Karli and Camron. They said to me when they have summer holiday and how’s life in their country. It is the first time I talk to people from England. It is so beautiful to communicate with peple who don’t speak Arabic. I hope we can meet again. Thanks.


  6. Hi! One of my best days. Olevia is so sweet and cute. I love their songs very much and I searched for it in the internet. It is funny to listen to British people and i like how they say words. I have never been to any country because gaza is under blockade but I talked to people from oustide gaza. That is really interesting and cool.


  7. Hi! I love this meeting very much although I didn’t share. The students are lovely and I understand everything they say to us. I like your song very much. This year I will tell santa my new wishes 🙂 Thank you very much and I hope we meet soon.


  8. I wasn’t in the session with my friends but I heard frm them and I saw the pictures at school the I felt so excited about it. Next time I will be there to talk to you and ask some questions I’m interested in.


  9. I love the experience and it was really amazing. It was short but very nice. I wanted to ask about the school system in Britain and I wanted to talk about our system in Palestine but I couldn’t because time was not enough. I hope we will visit you and you visit us in Gaza one day.
    Thank you very much to the lovely students and thank you to Mr. Nick who helped us do this.


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