From Russia with love

Last Saturday we had a rather special zoom meeting  between Sahar Salha’s class at the Elementary co-ed “A” UNRWA school in Beit Hanoun, Gaza and Alex Guzik’s class of kids in Krasnodar, Russia.

It started with the Russian children performing their own excellent interpretation of the traditional Palestinian story, The Farmer who followed his dream. It was especially nice since the class in Gaza had worked on the same story themselves so they could compare the way they’d done things. After that the class in Gaza did a great performance of another well known story in Palestine – Juha and the donkey.

After that we were surprised to find out that two girls in Gaza were fluent Russian speakers themselves. Rania sang a beautiful Russian song and Aya interviewed the Krasnodar group – in Russian!  Then it opened up into a general question and answer session with them taking turns to ask each other questions. Sports and favourite animals came up and then they ended up listing the ingredients to each other for one of their national dishes – Borsch for the Russians and Musakhan for the Palestinians. A highlight for me was when  Manar in Gaza asked the group In Krasnodar, ‘What do you hope for the children of Gaza?’ The answer they gave was considerate and heartfelt. Despite the four power-cuts that we experienced during the one hour session, and the rather weak internet signal, it really felt like a strong connection was made. Here’s a short snippet of what happened..

3 thoughts on “From Russia with love

  1. 14th May.2016, this is aspecial day for me when I met my partner Alexandra from Russia.I can say that I and my students are lucky to share our experiences with our partners in Russia. We really enjoyed that an hour session, I can call it is a “Historical hour” because it didn’t come to my mind that I may meet people outside Palestine one day .All that because my great trainer Mr Nick arranged for that session which affected me and my students.My students compared between their classmates and the kids in Russia,in the way how they both acted the story and how they both dealt with the chant.
    Rania -the girl who sang a Russian song -said”I feel that I’m in Russia.I’m happy because I can talk to Russian kids”.
    The most imprtant thing that we’ve been to many European cities.Thanks very much to Mr Nick.Hope you can organise for us more sessions with new cities as we used to travel alot during the last two months ☺☺


    1. Thanks for the feedback Sahar. I think it was a great experience for all concerned and I hope we’ll be able to do many more of these type of sessions in the future.


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